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This post will be extended later when I have actually cooked something from the book. Lulu and John gave me this beautiful book by David Thompson for Christmas.  I have started branching out into Thai and other SE Asian cooking thanks to all the travel (and eating) in the region. It is a classic book of its genre with a fabulous outline of everything from culinary history of Thailand through to an extensive overview of different ingredients up front.

I do have a confession though. This book is a teeny bit daunting. Every recipe has several sub recipes each with lists of 542 ingredients most of which you have:

a) not heard of,

b) need to get from a speciality Asian food market, and

c) wouldn’t recognise if you tripped over it.

I absolutely adore Thai food and have started more gently with Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey. It still has the complex pastes etc that you make from scratch but is marginally less complex than David Thompson’s manual. Having said all that, I have every intention of cooking from Thai Food. But this is a new style of cooking for me and I will start with a couple of Rick Stein’s versions of the recipes before stepping up to the stove with the Thompson version.

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