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I went to the Beijing restaurant in Newtown tonight with Paula. I am not sure what to say. It was a nice meal but it was pretty much your bog standard Chinese meal for Westerners. I feel like you could wander into a random mid-level Chinese restaurant anywhere in the city and get a similar meal. No Chinese eating there either. Just feels like it has gone a little downhill, it used to be packed the whole time.

Fact is I have been spoiled by eating Chinese food in Asia ordered by the locals. Some moderately traumatic moments as I am faced with a bowl of what appears to be marinated gristle. Surprisingly good even if there is no elegant means to spit out a mouthful of shrapnel while on a business lunch. Still the bowl of gristle for dim sum in Kuala Lumpur was more delicious than my szechuan squid tonight at the Beijing in Wellington. The Beijing’s dumplings were good however and worth another go.

Beijing restaurant schezwan squid

The 'jing's schezwan squid

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