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I had a dim sum lunch with the team yesterday at The Regal on Courtney Place in Wellington. Stu’s partner Hong has directed me there in the past and I was not disappointed this time.  If you are trying to find it – Embassy Theatre end, go up the poky stairs beside the Lotto shop.

The Regal is the real thing. It almost feels like dim sum in Hong Kong. A very high proportion of customers were Chinese. The instructions on the table are in Chinese. The environment is no frills. For Craig and myself it was similar to our regular food surprise meals across SE Asia where we just get the locals to order us things.

David Burton has previously reviewed the restaurant and given it 4.5 stars for food. He particularly commends their crispy pork and it certainly went down a treat with the team.

Wait staff constantly circle and offer trays of items. They do have average to poor English which caused some confusion between “chives” and “tripe” which was of a little concern for some of the guys. And also means I cannot name with confidence or indeed accuracy everything that we ate. In general I can say that the chicken feet went down a treat with Craig who pronounced them the best he had had. He did exclaim every time he spat out a claw which means I won’t sit next to him next time! A variety of delicious home made dumplings.  Pork spare ribs. Beef tendons. Scallops in rice pancakes (the shiny steamed version). Tasty pork buns. Chive and pork (or prawn?) pancakes. Or maybe it was tripe.

No photos sorry. I didn’t have my camera.

It was ridiculously good value. We ate all we could and it came to a whopping $14 per head. Go there.


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