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Some years ago I invited a number of friends to a Sunday lunch for a Ladies Who Lunch, Lunch.

There were ten of us there, approximately nine of ten being extreme extroverts.  We drank copious quantities of Ata Rangi Summer Rose. The noise was deafening.

I cooked a light lunch dish of lentils with hot smoked salmon. This was followed by Nigella Lawson’s chocolate gingerbread and strawberries.

Ever since then I have had constant requests for the lentil recipe which is a lot more delicious than it sounds. I am baffled and cannot for the life of me find where I got the recipe from. My friend Sue is staying with me and last night I had an attempt at recreating that recipe. It was pretty close.

Lemony hot smoked salmon lentil salad

1.5 cups of Puy lentils
Roughly peeled zest of two smallish lemons (use a peeler)
4-5T of good olive oil
1/2 red onion, very very finely chopped
Big big bunch of flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
200g hot smoked salmon
Juice from the two little lemons you peeled (to taste)

Bring a big pot of salted water to boil. Add lentils and lemon peel with 2T of the olive oil. Follow instructions on packed but cook for approximately 25-30 minutes or until tender. Watch that it doesn’t boil dry. Remove lentils from heat and dump into colander. Rince in cold water to lukewarm/cool. Don’t be disturbed if brownish sludge appears to go down the drain. Don’t be too precious about making them super clean either. Put into big mixing bowl and add chopped onion, parsley, remaining 3T of olive oil, lemon juice to taste and mix. It shouldn’t need more salt if the water was well salted. Stir in the broken up salmon. Tip into more attractive serving dish.

Do add the salmon last as it breaks up if you try and mix it with all the other ingredients.

Et voila! Serve with rose for an easy light lunch for 4 or as a salad for a buffet.


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