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I went to Elements in Lyall Bay today for brunch with Kate B. We were in slight recovery mode after a whole lot of red wine was consumed last night to wash down the charcoal duck I served her. As always, perused the Elements menu, admired everything else, then ordered the twice baked goats cheese souffle. It is just so good. I have only once had a disappointment when it arrived dry and with the consistency of a dish sponge. I went into a decline and stopped going to Elements for two months. Fortunately the standard has picked up again.

My one gripe about that place. What is it with the service? They seem to go for quantity not quality. Half a dozen young waitresses floating around avoiding eye contact and flocking together in corners. It was early so the place was half empty and the ratio of staff to customers was bordering on 1:2.  No water. No menu. No coffee order. This happens every time I go there unless I get one of the owners.

Classic Kiwi cafe style. I think cafe owners and managers assume that table service is so straight forward there is no need for a modicum of instruction.  Advice to the Elements owners: train your staff and get them into a routine. Hand over menu, bring water, take immediate coffee order, check to see if they are ready to order. Surely table turnover is a key driver?

The above aside. Go there and try the souffle. I am going to force myself to branch out onto one of the salads next time.

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