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It has been a wee while since I have food blogged. Got kinda buried writing about non food stuff in other areas and then felt all worded-out.

I have a wee set of backed up photos and recipes including how to make gnocchi from scratch which was a bit of a revelation.

Anyways, in April I blogged about a rather spectacularly bad experience at the Mojo cafe at Wellington Zoo. Despite the vow never to darken the doorstep again I have gone back several times to meet friends with kids who find the convenience outweighs the inconsistency. I have generally restricted myself to coffees and steered clear of food from the menu. The counter food is prepared off-site and is fairly consistent with 0ther Mojos.

The service has remained inconsistent and unsophisticated – if cheerful.

So last Friday I met my friend Chris there and Had a Crisis. What I found interesting was not so much what happened but how they handled it.

It was a sunny day and we chose an outside table. I walked towards Chris, and promptly skidded on the tiles via a spilled drink that hadn’t been wiped up. This wouldn’t have been so bad but I was stepping forward at the time and my ankle buckled as I slipped. And carried my full weight forward for a metre while buckled, as I virtually did the splits and ended up on the ground.

It was one of those: holy crap I must have broken something moments.

It happened so fast I was left prone on the ground trying to work out how I could be so clumsy. Chris was most impressed that I dropped neither my glass nor the drink. Probably shows my priorities.

In too much pain to move I chose to stay where I was to see if it would settle down. He went inside to grab some ice. And came out looking totally floored. There was no ice apparently. In a cafe. WTF. He was followed by a somewhat surly wait person who silently handed over a banana popsicle (one!) to pack on the ankle, and went back inside. Leaving me on the ground, white-lipped with pain.

So, in the US I would have been tenderly scraped off the ground and the entire supply of all flavours of popsicles sacrificed to my ankle in the interests of avoiding a lawsuit. A spilled drink. Not cleared up…. On the cafe’s premises…

I sat on the ground for over 20 minutes until the pain subsided enough that I felt I could try and move. Other customers who saw the accident came out and offered advice and assistance. And commented on the expression on the wait person’s face when Chris asked for ice. I would liken it to asking a Lufthansa flight attendant for a second packet of peanuts.

So… maybe I am being unreasonable here. But THIS WAS THE ZOO CAFE! At the Zoo! With an information desk. And a reception. And I am assuming first aid centre. At the very least I am sure they keep ice packs for the giraffes. I would have taken a vet.

Surely Mojo trains its staff on basic first aid. Or even etiquette. “Customer brakes ankle on our premises, offer band-aid.”


(Went to hospital the next day as it was too bunged to walk on at all. It is a massively bad sprain. Left with crutches and two panadol).


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